Ghost Hunting Equipment

A Ghost Hunter is an individual who offers assistance to people who find themselves encountering bizarre happenings within their places of business, homes, or areas of land. Additionally, these investigators also travel around from one location to another; to locations that are known for having mystical occurrences primarily based from the reports of people or other ghost hunters who have been there before. Ghost hunting doesn’t come cheap, especially if you want to do it right. It requires all sorts of devices, which are often costly. Here’s an overview of the different types of ghost hunting equipment:

Air Ion Counter:Ghost hunters believe that ghosts emit high amounts of electromagnetic discharges, causing a lot of positive ions. Air ion counter comes in handy because it measures the positive and negative ions in the air, and thereby, helps to detect any presence of paranormal activity.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detectors:These detectors measure energy emitted by stationary objects. Since it’s believed that ghosts are made up high amounts of energy, their presence would cause disruptions in EMF, causing beeps on the detector.

Infrared (IR) Thermometers:IR thermometers are very useful in ghost hunting activities. They’re designed to measure the surface temperature of an object. Ghosts frequently emit heat signatures that can be picked by IR thermometers.

Notebook, Pen, and Pencil:Plenty of notebooks, pens and pencils are necessary for recording the events that occur during an investigation. The notes are important for writing a report later.

Motion Detectors:These devices are ideal for indoor ghost investigations. They help to sense movement when there should be none. A single motion detector can be used to easily monitor a whole room or hallway.

Digital Cameras:Digital cameras are very useful in any ghost hunting activity. They assist in capturing ghostly manifestations, which you can store as memories of what took place during your investigations.

Flashlight:In ghost hunting, it’s normal to work in dark areas such as basements and underground tunnels. A flashlight is therefore a necessary tool to help you see things properly. Additionally, some paranormal investigators believe that when a flashlight switches itself off without a logical reason, it signifies the presence of ghosts.

Night Vision Video Camera:This camera has a night vision scope that allows a ghost hunter to record lights that aren’t normally visible to the naked eye.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP):These devices are used during ghost hunting to pick up sound.

Extra Batteries:Since ghosts are believed to be electromagnetic, they can cause batteries in your equipment to run down rather quickly. Therefore, you’ll need extra batteries so that your activities are not disrupted should any of the equipment’ batteries get drained.

Candles and Matches:Candles help in detecting a paranormal breeze. When lit, the flame of the candle will show you the direction a psychic breeze is blowing towards. It can also help to light up an investigation area when the battery in your equipment runs out.

Compass:A compass helps in determining the exact position of an investigation, besides detecting electromagnetic forces.

Cotton, Thread and Sticky Tape:Thread are used to secure an area under investigation. The best way is to attach the thread loosely across the passageway or doorway. If something solid passes through it, the cotton will break or dislodge. It’s a good way of identifying where a ghost has passed.

If you have an interest in ghost hunting, it’s very necessary that you understand how the above ghost hunting equipment work first, before undertaking such a mission.

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